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The Repairing - Within this master blueprint for current and future Reparation, we can assure that our prosperity will expand without limitation. We can create more balanced and harmonic relations within family and community, help our people overcome habits which have led too many of us into chronic poverty, illness and injustice. This plan will further our sense of pride and direct investment in the economic fate of our African homeland, causing Pan African engagement to increase immensely. We will gift all black children with a future society will more prosperous than that into which they were born. This is my lifetime tour-de-force. Now we can say with pride, we do have a great plan and it will work. You can support our ongoing printing crowdfunding effort at www.GoFundMe.com/TheRepairingBook and get some really great bonuses.
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  The Repairing




Excerpted from THE REPAIRING, Chapter 2 – What Was Broken? – 9 Foundations for Reparations, by Keidi Awadu (publishing in December 2016 / 6257)

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I do acknowledge and appreciate those who have organized for Reparations over the past, many of them quite passionately long before I was even clear on the concept myself. There have been numerous organizations, individuals, authors, attorneys, politicians, religious leaders, journalists, community leaders and grass roots stakeholders who have held the banner of Reparations high, and continue to do so today.

While I don’t allocate herein the space to name those whose work has influenced me as I have grown into the Reparations movement, there have been some with whom I have become close over the past three decades. To my friends, colleagues and to those elders and ancestors who have championed this cause, I hope that this work meets your approval. I will do my best to incorporate your teachings into my own understanding of our need to get to resolution with regard to achieving Reparations for our people.

The 9 areas for focus of Reparations which will be discussed in more detail could each take up an entire volume for publication. I will strive to be as concise as possible in describing these areas. Throughout the larger book, these will serve as the foundation by which we will create practical avenues for making things right.

These 9 areas for Reparations encompass: 1) Compensation for Stolen Labor; 2) Land Recovery; 3) Family and Community; 4) Economic Development; 5) Education; 6) Revising our Historical Perspective; 7) Transnational Relations; 8) Repairing our Health Status; and 9) Crime and Justice. Each of these broad categories can be further broken down into numerous subcategories and various themes for further narrowed focus.

As stated previously, in the limited space of this report and the time allocated for its completion, I can only be so comprehensive. Numerous volumes have been previously published which can bring greater insight to each particular area of injury. Undoubtedly, many more studies will address these critical areas of group self-interest and community development. Our greatest priority herein is to inspire you the reader, issue very specific calls-to-action, and to generate momentum toward sustainable growth and development toward our stated goals.

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